Sunday, January 7, 2018

Kalavai_4th Jan

Next day elaborate field trip with Rajagopal,Dr. Hanne de Bruin, Anne Treadwell (my sister) and myself.

Went along winding narrow roads between paddy fields,  little villages. Whilst getting coffee in Brammadesan, a kuttu actor,Renu, stopped to say hello to Rajagopal.
Went to Kalavai, to the Karivaradar Peereumal Temmple where Rajagopal and Hanne first met in 1987. Rajagopal being the subject of a documentary I am attempting to finish whilst on the Fulbright Senior Research Grant.

Followed by a Women’s Temple, Angalamem, just outside of Kalavai where women go to be blessed or cured. 

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